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Narrow Aisle Forklifts For Sale

Narrow Aisle Forklifts are the ideal solution for high density warehouses. A narrow aisle forklift can reach places most other forklifts cannot. This forklift truck has the ability to turn in very small areas and has a very high reach. If you have a warehouse where space is limited, or you need to increase your warehouse space, consider buying a narrow aisle forklift from Shamrock Handling Concepts. We have the largest range of Combilift forklifts for sale in South Africa.

See how we can increase your warehouse space by up to 60%

Free customised warehouse design with your narrow aisle forklift

Shamrock's team of specialized engineers will produce warehouse designs that will optimise your available warehouse space when using our narrow aisle forklifts. The following video is an example of how much extra space you can expect with a narrow aisle forklift vs. a conventional forklift.


The Combilift CB is probably our most versatile forklift ever.  It is a compact multi-directional forklift that handles palletised & long loads with the greatest of ease. It is the ideal forklift to operate both indoors and outdoors.


The Compact Combilift C3000 forklift is available in both LPG / Gas, Diesel and electric / battery powered engines. This forklift model has a range of mast options with lift heights up to 6.3m and lift capacities up to 3000kgs. The compact Combilift forklift can work in guided aisles as narrow as 190cm. The compact Combilift is used in a variety of applications such as furniture, door and window manufacturers, extrusion hanlders etc.

Typical Application Areas Furniture, door and window manufacturers. Extrusion handlers etc.

The industry’s first 4-way internal combustion forklift truck has employed innovative designs in engineering, control technology and ergonomics allowing for superior operator comfort, efficiency and maneuverability. Available in both LPG/Gas, Diesel and electric/ battery powered engines, the Combilift offers a range of lift models and capacities from 2,500kgs to 12,000kgs and lift heights to 7.5 meters.


The 4- Way SL Internal Combustion Gas/ LPG powered truck offers a range of lift options up to 7.4m and capacities up to 4,500kgs. This hydrostatic all-wheel drive truck differentiates itself from the traditional sit-down side-loaders by offering operators the opportunity to drive in four directions. The Combilift SL allows companies to have the benefits of narrow aisles, superior handling ability and the ability to block or bulk stack by driving forwards.


Combilifts' IC GT Series was developed in response to the markets' need for a robust and reliable Stand-up Side-loader. The Gas/LPG powered engine and hydrostatic drive allows this side-loader to be used in very narrow aisles both indoors and outdoors.


The Combilift Walkie Reach Forklift is the only pedestrian reach stacker which can work in an aisle-width of 2m pallet to pallet.


Typical Application Areas Warehouses, Salvage yards, Timber, Plastics

The Combilift Walkie Reach 4 Way Multidirectional Forklift (WR4) is the only pedestrian reach stacker which can work in an aisle-width of 2m pallet to pallet.

Typical Application Areas Warehouses, Salvage yards, Timber, Plastics