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Advantages and Application Areas of the Combilift Straddle Carrier

Compared to conventional forklifts and reach stackers, the Combilift Straddle Carrier from Shamrock Forklifts provides easier, safer and cheaper transport of a wide range of products and materials.


Farming in South Africa with a Shamrock Forklift

Farming in Africa is a tough and ever-changing business. That is why your farm needs a forklift that can handle both. Shamrock Handling Concepts offer a wide range of top quality forklift brands best suited for your farming operation. Furthermore, we have a nationwide dealer network, ensuring your forklift operates at optimal performance all year round.


Agrimac 4x4 Forklifts - Why your business needs one.


The importance of having an Industry Specific Forklift

All successful companies have one thing in common - they are the best because they follow best practices. Having an industry specific forklift for your business is a vital part of this process. Automating your business with a forklift that is specifically designed for your industry means you will save time, money and resources.


Ever wondered how they got those huge containers on the trucks we see on the N3 highway nowadays? Have a look at how easy it is with the new Combilift Straddle carrier!


MOFFETT World Championship 2015

Shamrock Handling Concepts recently hosted the South African qualifying leg of the MOFFETT World Championship 2015 to find the world's best Moffett Forklift Operator. This year's winner was...

Find out who won the SA leg of the MOFFETT World Championship 2015

Contact us today for a free quote on the Innolift Pallet Jack for your business. Our nationwide dealer network means you can be assured of the best backup service and advice for your forklift anywhere in South Africa. If you would like more information on this product, please feel free to view our online catalogue here.

Stop wasting time and money unloading your stock by hand by purchasing a Moffett truck mounted forklift

Then our Moffett range of truck mounted forklifts is the answer. Check out this video of how easy it is to take your forklift with you wherever you go. It doesn't get any more convenient than a Moffett.

Click here to watch the video

If you are a farmer or warehouse owner and need to get around on rough terrains, this magnificent 4x4 off-road forklift is for you. This forklift can go just about anywhere. Save time and money by getting your products or produce from the fields directly to your delivery trucks with this machine. Let your staff spend more time on other productive work and less time transferring your products from one vehicle to another.

This video shows the power and versatility of our Combilift range of forklift trucks.

We only have one word for this forklift - Amazing! Watch the video below.

Click here to watch the video

If you are transporting, selling or distributing gas, then the Moffett Truck Mounted forklift is for you. Instantly increase your productivity and turnaround time with a Moffett forklift. No more waiting for your client's forklift to unload. No manual labour that takes hours and costs thousands. Take the Moffett with you wherever you go and see your profits grow overnight. Click here to see which Moffett to use for your business application.

See the accuracy and efficiency of the Combilift narrow aisle forklift when used in the timber industry. To see which Combilift forklift best suits your application area, click here

Agrimac TH-250 Rough Terrain Forklift, a forklift that's as rough as Africa itself. Read more about this amazing offroad forklift here.

The Innolift Self Loading Pallet Jack makes light work of lifting and moving small to medium loads. Read more about this amazing product here.

Unitrans purchase 15 more Moffett Forklifts

In the 1990s, Unitrans became one of the first companies in South Africa to use truck-mounted forklifts from Shamrock. Today 15 years later, they purchased 15 new Moffett M9 forklifts.

"Because Moffett is simply still the best on the market."